Wooden and Funeral Devotional Products Manufacturing Ltd
Presenting Keletfa Ltd.

Kelet-Magyarországi Faipari Vállalat (Eastern-Hungarian Timber Company), the legal successor of our campany was established in 1949 by the state of Hungary. Over its history of more than 50 years, the main line of the company was coffin manufacturing. Keletfa Ltd.was founded in the first year after the political transition by the privatization of the formerla state owned company.

Keletfa Ltd. has been market leader in Hungary in coffin manufacturing by now. We employ 70 persons. The groundspace of our manufacturin hall is 6.500 m2 located in our premises of 4 hectares. 
The main objective of our company is to maintain our market leading position in Hungary serving first of all our existing customers. In manufacturing, top priority is given to quality and to the possibly fastest supply to the customers.

As a result of our investments made over the past years, Keletfa exports coffins to several European countries, first of all to Germany.

Should you have any comment, message or question, please feel free to contact us on keletfa@hu.inter.net

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